Antequera, The Town

In the province of Málaga, the town of Antequera is located at the main crossroad of Andalucia. That is why it is known as “the heart” of the autonomous region and the reason why it has been, and it still is, a must for all times travelers.  We can get to know its historical heritage through the magnificent Monument Complex which includes more than fifty Civil & Religious buildings dated between the Bronze Age and the 18th century.

It is very difficult to describe in just a few lines the many centuries of history resulting in dolmens, collegiate churches, churches, convents, palaces, arches, doors, citadel, chapels, hermitages, mansions, small urban palaces and even the very own urban grid. However, the monuments are not the only appeal to come to Antequera. We have splendid natural landscapes, as the fertile lowland (Vega) or El Torcal, an amazing karst scenery where you can move millions of years ago in Earth’s history.

As it could not be otherwise, the history and the land are the basis of the local gastronomy, with our famous porra antequerana (cold tomato cream), the inevitable mollete (Arab style bread) usually taken for breakfast and the unequally mantecado (sweet buns) angelorum and bienmesabe from the convents turntables.

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