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Enjoy the museums of Antequera

Fraternal art

In the following corners you can find a very important heritage of the city. In Antequera we always use all our efforts for the preservation of history and all kinds of elements that affect our cultural and religious heritage.

Museums for lovers of history and art

History and art lovers have in Antequera the best places to visit

Thematic exhibitions

Temporary thematic exhibitions.

Tholos of El Romeral

Tholos of El Romeral

The tholos of El Romeral, also commonly called dolmen of El Romeral or cave of El Romeral, is a megalithic monument declared a World Heritage Site. It is located in the Malaga town of Antequera and is part of the Antequera Dolmens Site, composed of the dolmens of Romeral, the dolmen of Menga, the dolmen of Viera and the Peña de los Enamorados.

Cerro Romeral, 29200 Antequera, Málaga

Tholos of El Romeral