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Permanent exhibition Socorro

The Permanent Exhibition of the Brotherhood of Socorro is an old aspiration of this brotherhood of Good Friday antequerano that has become possible thanks to the effort and work of its brothers; and that has been located on the top floor of the old Franciscan convent that houses the corporation. In this way, the correct conservation of the works is ensured, as well as shown to all those interested throughout the year.

The Permanent Exhibition of the Brotherhood of Relief.

The rich processional heritage forged since the constitution of the brotherhood in 1620 is reflected in a complete collection in which pieces of goldsmithing and embroidery dating from the late fifteenth century to the late twentieth century stand out. The museum space has been delimited into five rooms.

Expo Socorro 3

The first is dedicated to the Holy Cross of Jerusalem, which welcomes visitors; accompanied by silver suns and pennants, all of them from the XVIII. Next is the space dedicated to Our Father Jesus Nazareno, with his two tunics embroidered in gold of the nineteenth century, the processional cross, as well as various sets of powers. In the second of the new rooms, specifically that of the antechoir, you can see much of the processional trousseau of the Blessed Virgin, including an embroidered saya and her two silver crowns: one made by Diego Ruiz Pérez in 1781 and another by Seco Velasco in 1953.

Socorro Exhibition

The embroidery sample is completed with badge big brother tunics. The most unknown part of the collection is presented in the choir of the church, an environment dedicated to the Sacramental of San Salvador. It is there that the oldest piece is exhibited, a silver petition tray dated in the fifteenth century; as well as a pallium of respect and a mortuary cloth, both from the XVIII. Silver is again present in this space with an oil lamp, bells of the luxury bell ringers or a monstrance.

Finally, the visitor can contemplate the silver banners of the archconfraternity, one dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth and another to the Virgen del Socorro; next to the two scripts of the brotherhood and the sacramental. A collection of chasubles embroidered in silk complete an exhibition that can be completed with a visit to the dressing room of the Virgin.


Address: Plaza Portichuelo, 12, Antequera, Malaga