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Textile industry

The existence of the textile industry in Antequera is documented since the late fifteenth century, opting, over time, for wool manufactures, although with strongholds dedicated to silk and linen.

Discover the Antequera Textile Industry.

In the mid-eighteenth century, the total number of people employed in this sector represented 10% of the textile crafts of Andalusia and 1.50% of that registered in Spain. In the 1830s, Antequera wool manufactures represented more than 60% of the Andalusian textile subsector. In our days there is only the memory of a glorious but difficult time, and about twenty buildings condemned to disappear.


The permanent exhibition called “The textile industry of Antequera”, aims to publicize the industrial activity of the sector in Antequera and a review of the main factories of Malaga and province.

It reveals the machinery, tools, materials, photographs and other graphic documents, through which the process of obtaining various fabrics or the elaboration of various products is explained. Among them we can highlight the manufacture of blankets that were then manufactured in our city; as well as the origins, evolution, apogee and decline of that sector. Therefore, we can say that this exhibition materializes, disseminates and revives a very fruitful period of our local history; being decisive in the Andalusian textile development.


As a complement to the exhibition, it also offers the possibility of walking a route that has been designed to know the history, facts and factories that marked the banks of the river of the Villa, as it passes through the old factory nucleus “El Henchidero”, and that is currently preserved, after its restoration, as an Educational Complex.

These activities are another resource that contributes to the conservation, promotion and dissemination of our industrial, historical and cultural heritage of Antequera and its region, carried out by the City Council of Antequera through the Promotion and Development Agency. It also offers a tourist offer to visitors who come to our city and a pedagogical activity for young schoolchildren.

During the few months that the exhibition has been open there are many groups of schoolchildren, associations and interested people who have come to know it and make the itineraries designed and marked by information panels along the route. During the visit you will be able to know the Educational Complex “El Henchidero”, which at the time was a set of old textile factories. Since the aforementioned complex is municipal property, it is intended to develop education and training programs.


The contribution of people from Antequera, who have selflessly contributed information, articles, material… for exhibition; It has been fundamental in the result of it. As well as the collaboration of others for the assembly of certain handmade pieces, such as the restoration and assembly of three handmade wooden handlooms. The contribution of machinery and material from the old fabric factories of San Miguel de Granada and INTELHORCE-HITEMASA, donated by the Association in Defense of Chimneys and the Industrial Technological Heritage of Malaga.


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