Gastronomy is an extra attraction of the Antequera tourist offer. In our district, gastronomy is determined by geography, by the products harvested in La Vega (low land) -mainly cereals, vegetables and olive oil- and by the people’s idiosyncrasy.


One of the most famous dishes of the Antequera cuisine is the porra, which is a kind of cream made basically of bread, oil, garlic and tomatoes. Others typical first courses are: ajoblanco, pimentón, gazpachuelo, migas and some salads such as the pío antequerano. Others typical products are the cold meats, goat cheese, olive oil and the canned food. Within the local baking we have the alfajor, mantecado or the angelorum, being the bienmesabe our most famous dessert which is prepared with ground almonds, ladyfinger biscuit and cabell d’àngel. Visitors can buy them in our patisseries and cloistered convents  (such as the Convento de Belén  or the Convento de San José). Days before Christmas, the mantecado, another typical sweet pastry of the Antequera cuisine, is offered for sale. It is represented in a very antique fresco paint which decorates the Legislative Chamber of the Town Hall. Indeed, we cannot forget the pestiño, torrija and rosco, very typical of our Holy Week.

And we cannot close this section without talking about the mollete, which has been awarded the Protected Geographical Indication. It is a kind of handmade Arab-style bread, with white centre and little cooked. The mollete can be eaten with many accompaniments: butter, oil, pork scratching, pate, cold meat, etc. Even if it is usually eaten for breakfast it is also perfect at any time of the day. You can buy them in bakeries and supermarkets and taste them in any of the cafes of the town.