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Ferris Bar

Founded in 1991
Bar Ferris was founded in the early 90’s by Miguel García Ortiz, after a long career in different businesses related to retail and construction. The premises in which the bar is housed was built from scratch, Miguel acquired the land and built the building of the premises with his own house on it.

Since its inception, Bar Ferris has been managed by Miguel and his immediate family. His children, Juanma and Amparo, and his wife, Amparo Pérez, have been in charge of customer service, the acquisition of resources and the preparation of top quality food. The recipes used to prepare the bar’s tapas have preserved their original essence; it is 100% Spanish food. Our famous tortilla is still made with the recipe of Amparo, Miguel’s wife and first cook of the bar.

After Miguel’s death, Juanma took over the management of the restaurant, making numerous improvements, both in the infrastructure and in the services and tapas, with the help of his sister, Amparo, and his wife, Olga.

Every morning, from Monday to Saturday, antequera breakfasts


Accessible entrance

We recommend: Antequera breakfasts and tapas

Price level: €


Address: C/ Huerta de Capuchinos, 5

Schedule: Monday to Friday: 08.00 - 14.00 h and Saturday: 08.00 - 12.00 h

Phone: 687 310 966