The Museum of Art Council, hereinafter MAD, is located in the Museo Casa de Los Colarte, located in the city of Antequera, forms a single location to house the artistic pieces that make up the collection that, for years, the Provincial Malaga has been acquiring works that today are preserved in various buildings in the city of Malaga and some towns in the province.

The building, built in the late s. XVIII by Juan Manuel de Colarte and Lila, is purely mannerist concept with Muslim reminiscences. It consists of three levels, rectangular, where the exhibition space, service area, meeting facilities, workshops, warehouses and different administrative units will be organized. Also outdoor patios for cultural activities and especially music, dining, events, etc. will be used.

The House Museum Colarte, is a space created for the dissemination of art and reflection. To achieve this, its main activity is the production of exhibitions with performing multiple parallel activities. The exhibits are organized into two main areas: permanent collection that seeks to value the art collection of the Delegation of Malaga and the building based on its architectural and historical uniqueness and temporary exhibitions itself.

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