“The Textile Industry in Antequera”

The textile industry in Antequera has been backed up with documentary evidence since the late 15th century. After a time, wood manufacturing become its main activity, although it kept a minor production of silk and linen.

By the middle of the 18th century, the total of employees working in this sector represented 10% of the textile handcraft in Andalusia and 1.50% in Spain.

In the 1830 decade, the wood manufacturing in Antequera represented more than 60% of this textile sub-sector in Andalusia.

Nowadays, we just keep the memories of a glorious, and difficult, time and around twenty buildings which are doomed to disappear.

The permanent exhibition named “The Textile Industry in Antequera” is intended to show the industrial activity of this sector in Antequera, besides offering a review of the main factories in Málaga town and its province.

Here, through photographs and other graphic documents, you will get to know the machinery, tools and materials used to obtain the different fabrics and produce the final products. Among them, it is worth to point out the blankets which were manufactured in our town at the time. In addition, the exhibition shows the origin, development, apogee and decline of this sector. Thus, we can say that this exhibition brings to life, spreads and relives a very fruitful time of our local history which was decisive for the textile development in Andalusia.

As a complement to the exhibition, you can go for a walk and enjoy the route designed to show the history, facts and factories located at the La Villa riverbank in its way through the old factory centre called “El Henchidero” which, after being restored, is now used as an Educative Complex.

These activities carried out by the Antequera Town Hall, through the Department of Promotion and Development, are just another way of helping to maintain, promote and spread the industrial, historical and cultural heritage of our town and its borough, besides offering a touristic attraction for the visitors and an educational activity for young students.

In the few months that the exhibition has been opened, many are the groups of students, associations and interested people who have come to get to know it and enjoy the designated walking routes marked with informative sign posts.

During your walk, you can visit the “El Henchidero” Educational Complex, a former complex of textile factories. As the mentioned complex belongs to the Town Hall, it is aimed to develop education and training programmes.

The selflessly contribution of people from Antequera with information, articles, materials, etc., has been essential for such good result as the one obtained in this exhibition. Likewise, other people have collaborated to restore and assembly certain handcrafted pieces, such as three manual handcrafted wood looms. We thank the Association for Chimney Defence and the Industrial Technological Heritage of Málaga for having ceded several machinery and material from the old fabric factories of San Miguel, in Granada, and of INTERHORCE-HITEMASA.

Information and visiting hours.
The exhibition called “The Textile Industry in Antequera” is located in the Edificio Ribera in “El Henchidero” Educational Complex (Río del Rosal street). For more information and visits, please call (XX) 952 70 81 46 or to the Tourism Municipal Office (XX 952 702 505 /952 708 305). Also in the web pages http:// turismo.antequera.es, industriatextilantequera.wordpress.com and www.antequera.es; email: el-henchidero@antequera.es and p.textil.henchidero@gmail.com . Group guided tours, from 8:00 to 15:00 hours.