You can see the gouges of Andrés de Carvajal, engravings of the nineteenth century, the key to the city of the fifteenth century, a canvas of the Saint of the eighteenth century copy of it by Murillo, the temple of the nineteenth century, in addition to the documentary of the Sixth Centenary. Also the clothing of the maceros and dalmatics of the processional body of the brotherhood, cornucopias with paintings by Antonio Reyes Machuca and Ramón Orellana, as well as the canvases of Eloy García Pérez on the martyrdom of Santa Eufemia and the recreation of the Workshop of Andrés de Carvajal.

In the Sacristy, you can contemplate blessings and indulgences of Supreme Pontiffs from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, as well as the words of Pope Benedict XVI on the occasion of the Sixth Centenary of Antequera, in addition to the Gold Medal of the City.

During the visit, you can visit vestiges of these 600 years of history, with canvases by Antonio Reyes Machuca, Antonio Montiel and Eloy García Pérez, with themes such as the origin of the famous phrase “Rise the Sun for Antequera” or the Conquest of Antequera.