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The region of Antequera has enjoyed a great artisan tradition that is also combined with an extraordinary gastronomic craftsmanship expressed in the best known: porra antequerana as a star dish, muffins, mantecados, artisan piquitos and other desserts of the so-called “conventual” such as angelorum and bienmesabe.

At present, the most relevant artisan workshops are those dedicated to the restoration of wooden furniture and works of art, the artisan manufacture of lanterns, artistic forging and the making of flamenco costumes. It is in the goldsmith where the excellent current silversmith masters stand out, with shops of international rank.

Special mention should also be made of the workshop schools located in the region, for the work they are developing in the recovery of artisan trades and for their contribution to the rehabilitation tasks of buildings in the city.

The great tradition of Antequera is that related to goldsmithing of which the Museum of the City gives inexhaustible testimony of objects related to religion and Holy Week in Antequera.

In wooden objects, for its ancestral treasure in churches and palaces, the restoration of antique furniture stands out, which makes Antequera the headquarters of purchase and sale of the same, which satisfies the most demanding.

Other artisan products are those related to artistic forging, the manipulation of marble stone, highlighting the great tradition of Stonemasons that has its current reference around the Municipal Heritage Center.

There are also different centers where you can learn certain crafts and crafts, especially in the field of nativity scenes.

List of artisans