Antequera district has a long work craft tradition, to which we must add the extraordinary handmade gastronomy resulting in well-known dishes, such as our foremost dish, porra antequerana (a kind of cold tomato cream), mollete (Arab style bread), mantecado (lard bun), home-made piquitos (crusty bread fingers) and others “conventual” desserts, as the angelorum and bienmesabe.

Currently, the most outstanding craft workshops are dedicated to the restoration of wooden furniture and works of art, to the traditional manufacture of lanterns, forge and make rag trade of Andalucía’s traditional costume. We also must mention the works of precious metals where our outstanding current silversmith masters are internationally being known.

Also the workshops-schools located in the district deserve special attention as they are carrying out an excellent work to recover the trade craft while contributing to restore the buildings of the town.

Through the many objects related to religion and to the Antequera’s Holy Week which are exhibited at the Museum of the  Antequera Town we find an inexhaustible proof of our long tradition in the working of precious metals .

Forja, artesanía antequerana

Regarding the wood furniture,  it stands out -thanks to the ancient treasure in churches and palaces- the craft making of furniture and old furniture restoration, which has turned Antequera into a center of antique furniture dealing, as well as of new furniture, able to satisfy the most demanding ones.

Others craft products are those related to the forge, foundry, work in marble and, above all, the long tradition of stone masons whose current reference point is at the Centro Municipal de Patrimonio (Heritage Municipal Center)

There also are several centers where it is possible to learn certain craftworks and handicrafts, mainly related to the Nativity Scene.

List of artisans