The Antequera borough enjoys a great crafted tradition combined with an extraordinary homemade gastronomy. Among the latter we have typical dishes such as the porra antequerana (tomato and bread cold cream), mollete (Arabian style bread), mantecado (flour, almonds and lard sweets), piquitos (homemade small and toasted pieces of bread) besides others desserts called “conventual” such as angelorum (sponge cake, egg yolk and meringue) and the bienmesabe (pastry basically made of almonds and spaghetti squad jam).

Currently, the most relevant craft workshops are those dedicated to restoration of wood furniture and works of art, craft manufacturing of lanterns (link), craft forging and to flamenco dressmaking. The outstanding nowadays master silversmiths are internationally well-known.

It is worth mentioning the task developed by the workshops-schools located in the borough as they are recovering the craft trades and contributing to the restoration of the buildings of the town.

The great Antequera tradition is the one related with the silversmith from which the Museum of the Town is an inexhaustible source of objects related to religion and the Antequera Holy Week.

Within the wooden objects, due to the ancestral treasure found in the churches and palaces of the Antequera town, it stands out the restoration of antique furniture which turns Antequera into a dealing headquarter for the most demanding ones.

Others handcrafted products are those related to artistic forging and the handling of marble stone. It stands out the great tradition of Quarry Workers whose current reference is the Centro Municipal de Patrimonio (Heritage Municipal Centre).

You will also find different centres to learn certain craftworks and handicrafts, mainly related to Nativity scenes.

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