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Spring Fair – AGROGANT

Antequera is one of the few towns that since ancient times has two fairs on its list of festivals, but it does not put more emphasis on one than the other, but tries to maintain the particular character of each of them. It should also be borne in mind that the two fairs of the city are considered “Festivals of Tourist Interest of Andalusia”.

Our fair

Talking about the Spring Fair means talking about AGROGANT, that is, the Agricultural and Livestock Fair of Antequera, also declared a Fair of Provincial Tourist Interest, which brings together a series of events of a very diverse nature: exhibition of agricultural machinery, agri-food fair, auction contest of the Malaga goat and tourism promotion activities of the city.

The May Fair was created in 1856 in order to multiply mercantile transactions and boost the industrial and agricultural activity of the city. With the passage of time it was losing that character and began to devote itself almost exclusively to the purchase and sale of livestock and agricultural machinery, and accentuated the recreational aspects and social expansion. This is how it has come down to us, also currently counting on a sample of agri-food products.