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San Pancracio artisan workshop

San Pancracio artisan workshop: sweet handicrafts.

Obrador San Pancracio comes from a family with a long tradition of craftsmanship in the pastry sector and more specifically in the production of artisan mantecados from Antequera.

In the heart of Antequera, on Calle Calzada N 11, is Alta Confitería Artesana San Pancracio, where they have been able to exquisitely combine the taste of inherited tradition with the ambitious commitment to offer their customers carefully prepared and very high quality products, virtues that can be seen when tasting any of their most traditional specialties.

Undoubtedly, and especially in the case of artisan pastry from Antequera, the star product could not be other than the traditional mantecados and mantecadas of the area, products that have given Antequera international prestige in terms of its pastries.
Due to its large number of convents, Antequera has traditionally been a city of high artisan confectionery, highlighting among its most precious sweets the mantecados and mantecadas.
At Horno San Pancracio they have been able to maintain and improve the aromas and textures of these sweets that they make in a totally artisanal way and with top quality ingredients such as the extra virgin oil typical of the area or whole almonds.


Address: Calle Calzada, 11, Antequera, Málaga

Phone: 952843642