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El Romeral sale

Historic finca and farmhouse from 1880 located in the heart of Andalusia, a unique place to celebrate unforgettable events, just 10 minutes from the center of Antequera.

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This farmhouse was owned by Francisco Romero Robledo (1838-1906), Minister of the Interior and President of the Congress of Deputies during the Restoration. The most prominent politicians of the time, such as Cánovas del Castillo and even King Alfonso XII, and cultural personalities such as Azorín, who published an interview with the aforementioned Romero Robledo conducted precisely in this place, passed through the estate.

The building is dated with the date 1880 highlighted in iron figures in the middle of the facade. El Romeral de Antequera responds to its original dual role as a country residence with the purpose of social representation and as a productive center.

In its long facade, oriented to the north, the two sectors are clearly distinguished: the house and the labor quarters. The section of the main house is formed by an orderly composition of urban inspiration of three heights, being the only construction of these characteristics in Andalusia. The farmhouse served as a project reference for other houses in the area due to its social connotations.

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El Romeral de Antequera is one of those movie locations where many couples dream of getting married.

Located in the town of Antequera, in the heart of Andalusia and just 40 minutes from Malaga capital, the farmhouse is a historic building from 1880 that belonged to the Minister of the Interior and President of the Congress of Deputies during the Restoration, Francisco Romero Robledo.

Within its walls were housed prominent personalities of the time, being its most prominent guest King Alfonso XII.

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Address: N-331, Carr. Cordoba - Malaga, S/N, 29200 Antequera, Malaga

Phone: 616014595