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The Antequera region is one of the 9 regions that make up the province of Malaga. It borders to the east with the northeastern region of Malaga, to the west with the region of Guadalteba and to the south with the Guadalhorce Valley and Malaga – Costa del Sol.

Discover the routes of the region.

Alameda Tempranillo Route

Interpretation Center of the Casa de la Cabra Malagueña de Casabermeja (Malagueña Goat House of Casabermeja)

Rural lodgingsThe region of Antequera is a crossroads from the Serranía de Ronda to the Axarquía. Located to the north of the mountain range that crosses the province. It is a crossroads of communications between Upper and Lower Andalusia, bordering the provinces of Cordoba, Granada and Seville.

Antequera has a great wealth, both in history, as in outstanding natural areas, of various types, faunistic, botanical, geomorphological, botanical and productive, making it one of the most exciting tours of the province.

Mollina International Museum of Nativity Scene Art

Municipal Museum-Workshop of Ceramics of Casabermeja