Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. On the 4th of October 1697, the community of the Capuchin Order contracted the sculptor, Antonio del Castillo, to make the plinth for the Immaculate Memorial Column (triunfo), so it was placed on the leveled area existing in front of their convent. The artist only had to make the plinth as the sculpture of the Immaculate that was going to top it was already at the convent from 1681, when it was brought by the Father Francisco de Luque and put over the main door. This is an important piece of the Baroque in Andalucia. It is designed in the following way: overlapping rectangular parallelepiped which become narrower between them, and which are supported by a column with a Corinthian capital, curved profile base and, at the top, the sculpture. The image of the Immaculate, made of alabaster, is an anonymous work with great force and movement: the cloak blowing in the wind gets full sense in this case, as it is placed outdoors and very high.