The Fuente de Piedra’s small lake is located near Antequera and next to the village of the same name. It is the vastest small lake in Andalucia and puts up the biggest colony of pink flamingos from the whole Iberian Peninsula. The flamingos arrive during the last days of January to Fuente de Piedra to hibernate. They hatch out a single egg and, at the end of July, they emigrate to African countries, such as Mauritania and Senegal.

These migratory and herd birds are very tough and have great ability to adapt, despite their delicate appearance. When there is little water in the small-lake, the flamingos go to look for food to the salt marshes in Cadiz or to those of the Guadalquivir, which are more than 150 kilometers away.

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This beautiful small-lake, in an elliptical shape, houses up to 160 different kinds of birds, as well as other animal species which also use it to hibernate.