Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. The current building is by the master builder Nicolás Mejias, who erected it between 1784 and 1785. In 1954, it underwent a significant number of building works. Consequently,  of the Mejias’s work, we just keep the High Chapel, its niche and the belfry. The rest of the temple is practically new, following the design of the previous one, although the height of the central nave was increased and it was added the red limestone façade from the old Las Huerfanas’ church. Nowadays, the most interesting architectural element is the brick belfry, with two sections over the roof level which are supported on a kind of potbellied base. The first section consists of two semicircular niches between Tuscan pilasters; this design is repeated in the higher section with just one niche: several glazed ceramic vases contribute to define the silhouette. The Saint Miguel titular image, which dominates the niche in the altarpiece, is a sculpture of the 16th century and a little bit smaller than life-size with a  Rococo-style pedestal.