iglesia-nuestra-senora-de-loreto1_400x600Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department.This church dedicated to Our Lady of Loreto started to be built in 1693 by order of the Jesuits, to whom it also belonged the school next to it. The building as a whole is popularly known as “Las Recoletas” (the Secluded) because, after having been abandoned by the Jesuits, the Secluded Augustinian Sisters housed themselves in it. Currently, both the church as the school belong to the religious order of the Filipenses of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores (Our Lady of the Sorrow). This church has got the most monumental façade from the whole Baroque period in Antequera. It is completely made of stone ashlar, as it demanded the Jesuit’s concept of external prestige. However, the works for the façade were not finished, neither the East-side of the temple. The church has got only one nave covered by a semicircular vault, plus several interconnecting galleries. It is decorated with plasterworks which give an extraordinary ornamental and rich effect.  The High Altarpiece –a mixture of Baroque and Neoclassical styles- has got among its most outstanding images a Divina Pastora (Divine Shepherdess), of the 19th century, plus a Crucificado  (Crucified) with a stylized figure and inquiring composition, probably of the early 17th century. Within a small chapel there is an image of the Virgen del Tránsito (Virgin of Passing), lying on a magnificent Rococo bed. Apart from that, it must be pointed out a Saint Francisco de Borja, attributed to Pedro de Mena, which is within a niche in the middle of a pilaster. As regards the paintings, most of them are related to the Jesuits.