EL RETOZO (Leisure- Hunting Reserve) was founded in 2005. Our cuisine offers you a mix of flavours made with the products of our land. A different way of eating in a mountain restaurant.
You will enjoy the typical dishes of the mountain range, such as Arroz Caldoso (soupy rice), Migas Serranas (fried crunchy bread), our popular Retozo Salad or the meat specialties from the mountains, both in casserole or grilled. In fact, the grilled meat is one of our main attributes.
We also standout because our product cuisine by offering each week different recommendations.
We have a coffee-bar, restaurant with fireplace and air-conditioning, large parking area, children playing area, leisure activities (billiard, foosball, Ping Pong, dartboard, football ground, bouncy castle…) trap shooting, riding arena, pony riding for the little ones… and a great environment to enjoy Nature.
El Retozo -El Fundido Restaurant: Family Lunches, Breakfast, Holy First Communions celebrations, activities for the little ones, Quad Circuit, Bouncy Castle, Trampoline, Children area, Horse Riding, Paintball, Hunting Reserve, Releasing of Partridges and Quails, Three Trap Shooting, Olympic Shooting, Lure Partridge Hunting. Enjoy a weekend in our lodgings.