Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. This convent belongs to the Order of the Dominican Sisters. The original church was replaced by the present one, a work by the master builder Andrés Burgueño. It has the typical conventual church plan floor, so much repeated in Spain and America, with just only one nave, High Chapel and Low Choir at the foot.

The exterior is quite simple. It stands out several façade’s elements, such as the small tower in the corner, the rhythmical series of high lattices and the front to entry to the temple, which has got a very simple composition and seems to have been inspired by the one made by Melchor de Aguirre in the San Juan de Dios Church. The inside plasterworks decoration, by Antonio Rivera, is in a very much overelaborate Baroque style, with a profuse use of small angels and vegetable forms. None of the pieces which decorate the church are of much artistic interest, although they create a pleasant and simple assembly. In the High Altarpiece, it stands out the Virgin of Rosary, probably a work by Diego Márquez y Vega. Regarding the paintings, we must emphasize an Annunciation of the 16th century, two images which have many devote-followers, the Dulce Nombre de Jesús (Sweet Name of Jesus), from the Saint Dominic’s convent, in Antequera, and theVirgen de las Angustias (Virgin of Anguish), from Granada.