Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. Santa Clara Cultural Center.

The old Santa Clara convent was founded by the Clarisas Franciscanas Sisters in 1603, although the building works for the current church did not start until 1633, following the project by the architect Fernando de Oviedo. To this period, it belongs the part of the high and low choir and the so called Claustrillo de los Jazmines (Small Cloister of the Jasmines), in a Mannerist style. The High Chapel, which was added between 1735 and 1757 under the patronage of the Eslava Almazán’s family –who were then the owners of the Palace of Nájera- has got a very rare collection of Baroque plasterworks in the vault’s pendentives. From the exterior of the building, we must point out the belfry, of the 17th  century, which was erected by the master builder Juan Muñoz Barrientos, as well as the dressed brick façade, of the mid-18th  century, which is attributed to the building master Nicolás Mejías, who is also the author of the tower-viewpoint in the Museum of the Antequera Town.

The Town Hall purchased the building in 1997, being now used as the headquarters of the Santa Clara Cultural Center, after the many renovations and restoration works carried out under the General Direction of Cultural Heritage of the Andalucia Government