Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. Almost all the first half of the 20th century was for the Sevillian architecture a search for its own lost entity. Within this movement (which has been called “Architecture of the Regionalism”) there is not any doubt that the most outstanding figure is that of Aníbal Gonzalez. The Serrailler Mansion in Antequera, one of the latest works by Aníbal Gonzalez, is thus included in the Sevillian movement. The exterior consists of a large facade made of facing brick and organized in five vertical axes and three floors which decrease from down to up. The main axis is occupied by the front. In the interior, it stands out the courtyard: the quintessence of the Sevillian styled invented by the master: white marble Corinthian columns, brick moldings, ceramic tile from Triana (the famous Sevillian neighborhood), etc.