Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. It was erected in 1585 following the design of the architect Francisco de Azurriola. This building has a double interest for the town: on the one hand, the monumental aspect and, on the other hand, its historical meaning. That is, to its value as an example of the late-Renaissance architecture, it has to be added its importance as a proof of the town’s interest for sanctioning the Renaissance of that period through the Roman remains in the ground. Thus, once the wall of the Arch was erected, the Municipal Council decided to place there all those Latin statues and gravestones found in the surrounding Roman towns. The Arch, with a wall more than two meters thick, is seven meters high. The crowing of the Arch was even more bulky, as it had a large niche flanked by two buttresses where there was an enormous statue depicting Hercules. The pot of lilies in the keystone plus the castle and the lion on the cornice form the town’s coat of arms.