Antequera Town Hall Tourism Department. Within the walled complex of the Muslim Medina there were two sites more or less separated: the Citadel, which occupied the whole crowning of the hill, and a second wall ring which, coming down from the Puerta de la Villa (Town Door), continued toward the Postigo del Agua (Water Wicket) and Puerta de Málaga (Málaga Door) to join again with the Torre Blanca (White Tower). The most important tower within the enclosure was the Torre del Homenaje (Homage Tower), with L-shaped floor plan. We access to the interior through a door flanked by two large plain column shafts and a lintel. Inside there are several rooms with rectangular floor plan covered by cloister vaults. In 1582, this Tower was added a kind of bell-gazebo to hold the biggest bell of the town. Joined to this Tower by the wall, we find the well-know Torre Blanca which stands out due to the good technique used in the ashlars.