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Las Arquillas Route

Route description

This Network of Trails is within the actions that from the City Council of Antequera, allow to achieve the preservation of the natural capital of the municipality, as stipulated in the lines included in Agenda 21 for the achievement of sustainable development.


  • Don’t abandon or bury garbage. Take it to a pick-up service. It costs nothing to collect something of what was there, and thus, together we will contribute to improving our environment.
  • Respect and take care of fountains, rivers and other waterways. Do not pour soaps, detergents, pollutants or residues into them.
  • Flora and fauna. They are authentic inhabitants of nature, therefore, do not pluck flowers, branches, or disturb the fauna, so we will all enjoy observing them. Also, remember that many of them are protected by law.
  • Beware of fire. Never light bonfires. In summer it is forbidden to light a fire, although there are places enabled for it. Take prepared food with you.
  • Do not camp for free. Respect the places designated for it.
  • Respect the roads. The shortcuts only serve to deteriorate the soil and create ravines that can make the original path disappear.

Relevant information

Length: 4,4 km.
Beginning: Royal Walk. Rotunda of the Fountain. Intermediate Round. Antequera.
The end: Hotel La Magdalena. Antequera.
Type of trail: Linear route.
One-way travel time: 1 hours 20 min.
Difficulty: Casualty.
Net elevation gain: 146 m.
Cumulative ascent: 311 m.
Cumulative descent: 95 m.
Terrain: Asphalt and trail.
Firm: Road and land.
Epoch: All year round.
Trails that link or coincide: At the beginning with GR7 stage Antequera- Valle de Abdalajís.

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