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Virgen Socorro Tribune Chapel

The Plaza del Portichuelo is, without any doubt, one of the most interesting sets of Andalusian traditional urbanism, highlighting as an element of maximum singularity the Chapel-Tribune of the Virgen del Socorro, built in 1715.

This is one more of those that marked the old processional itinerary of the known as Brotherhood of “Arriba”. There has been speculation about its possible relationship with the “chapels of Indians” and with the American “posas”. Therefore, these chapels would be like a constant call to the religiosity of the passer-by.

Chapel Tribuna Virgen Socorro 1

Architecturally we are facing a construction of very original model, which, despite its complex structure, is very similar to the popular. It has two floors of open galleries and a closed attic, as a compact cube, topped with a hipped roof, with three fronts or facades.

Its main front is divided into three streets and two floors, of which, the lower one serves as a portico or arcade, and the upper one, a kind of loggia. The arches are all semicircular arches. In the central street it has a brick thread, and on the sides, with white caleado stucco. Inside, the space is compartmentalized into six fragments.


Address: Portichuelo Square, Antequera, Malaga

Schedule: Monday to Sunday 8:00 - 23:00

Phone: 952 70 25 05

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