On that date, but six centuries ago, the Nasrids capitulated who remained entrenched in the Alcazaba and left the town to go to Granada and found the neighborhood of La Antequeruela.

The sculptural group represents a Muslim family composed of the couple and two children, one of them a baby in the mother’s arms. In a somewhat more advanced plane walks the male figure, wearing a turban and carrying in his right hand the key to the abandoned house, who brings his left hand to his forehead in an attitude of seeing the path he must travel in the direction of the Peña de los Enamorados and towards Granada.

At his side appears the wife with a heavy air and trying to wrap her children with her body. Author: Jesús Gavira Alba Chronology: 2010 Typology/morphology: sculpture cast in bronze Title: Sculptural group: «Homage to the antiqiries»