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Sculptural ensemble “Art without time”

The city of Antequera pays tribute to two of the most illustrious sons it had during the twentieth century: the famous poet José Antonio Muñoz Rojas, National Poetry Prize in 1998 for the work “Lost Objects”, and the multifaceted José María Fernández, painter and scholar, responsible for some of the most outstanding research on the Historical and Artistic Heritage of the city.

Discover the archaeological site “Art without time”.

It is a bronze sculptural ensemble, made by the artist Pedro Fernández Roales, which has been installed on a bench in the central Plaza de San Sebastián, symbolically considered as the “Kilometer Zero” of Andalusia.

This work, titled by its author “Art without Time”, consists of two pieces of 125 kilos each, which represent in real size the figures of José Antonio Muñoz Rojas and José María Fernández, sitting on a bench in a dialoguing attitude. Muñoz Rojas appears with the book “Las Cosas del Campo” -his most famous work- in one of his hands; Fernández, for his part, wears his characteristic hat and glasses, and has immortalized himself in the attitude of showing the poet a sketch of the Renaissance fountain located in the Plaza de San Sebastián.

The Big Timeless Period

It is worth mentioning that José María Fernández had no descendants at his death, since both his wife and his children died before him, leaving the city all his pictorial legacy of more than a thousand works, which are currently deposited in the Museum of the City of Antequera.



Address: San Sebastian Square, Antequera, Malaga