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Roman Baths

Located in the historic center of the city. The discovery of these baths is the first reliable proof of the location of the Roman city of Antikaria under the current urban center. The excavation work began in 1988, as a result of the earthworks prior to the urbanization of the site, and has been developed until 1991 by the Antequera Workshop School.

Discover the thermal baths of Antequera.

These are Roman baths that were in operation since the second half of the first century. anno Domini. until well into the fifth century d. c., undergoing a restructuring and major repairs in the third century. In the structures you can appreciate the different thermal environments characteristic of the Roman world: pools of cold, warm and hot water: frigidarium, tepidarium and caldorium.

In the central sector you can see a large pool of cold water or natatio, with terraced benches on the walls that at the time was completely covered with marble and pilasters attached with plant decorations, next to it appears a large central mosaic, today covered for conservation reasons. The central theme is a beautiful example of mythological representation: a bust of “Occanus”, aquatic divinity that appears with all its attributes “claws and crab legs”, surrounded by geometric themes, also polychromes that emulate an environment of cubes in relief.

Video of the hot springs.

Continuing east we find a large room that archaeologists have interpreted as the changing rooms, in which we again find one Mosaic-paved environment: one of them refers to one Maritime theme: the dolphin with the trident of Neptune and in another a beautiful goblet crater.

To the north are located the spaces of hot and warm water and the collectors of the hot springs.

On this space a neighborhood is built in the fifteenth century AD from which you can see remains of the walls, streets and domestic pavements.


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