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Puerta de Granada

The construction of this arch was carried out in 1748, directing the works the master builder Martín de Bogas. The current appearance of the arch does not fully correspond to the one it offered at the time of its inauguration, since it has undergone several modifications. Except for its main body, the attic was notably redone. The central niche was made of half a point, housing inside the image of the Virgin of the Rosary and the large lateral fins, adopted a slight curvature.

The construction of this arch dates from 1748 being directed the works by the master builder Martín de Bogas, who raised the monument in the record time of two months. On both sides of the outer front were carved the shields of Fernando Sexto and Antequera by the stonecutter José Rodríguez.

In 1942 it was restored because its appearance became regrettable. The main body underwent no modification, but the attic was nevertheless completely redone. The central niche, which had a scarlet arch, was made of half a point and the lateral fins adopted a slight curity. In addition, other ornaments were added, such as the iron cross of the crown and the vases of the ends.

In the niche of the coronation is the terracotta image of the Virgin of the Rosary of Santo Domingo.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Jesús Romero Benítez, Artistic Guide of Antequera.


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