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Postigo de la Estrella

Important remains of the old Muslim fence of the town are preserved, next to the Plaza del Carmen, these are the tower of the Assault and the albarrana tower of the Star. The Albarrana de la Estrella tower is an autonomous tower attached to the fence by a semicircular arch, next to which a gap or shutter was opened after the conquest, in order to enter the enclosure. The Andalusian Arabic flavor of this corner is evocative of other times.

Discover the Postigo de la Estrella

Next to the Plaza del Carmen are important remains of the old Moorish wall of the town, such as the Assault Tower and the Albarrana tower exempt from La Estrella.

Attached to the wall by a semicircular arch, next to the tower was created, after the Conquest, a span or poterna to give access to the walled enclosure. The distinctive Moorish flavour of this corner of Andalusia evokes times gone by.


Address: Plaza del Carmen, Antequera, Málaga