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This unique street chapel, built in 1715 (possibly taking advantage of an earlier one),
is dedicated, along with others scattered throughout the city, to spreading devotion to the Virgen del Socorro, a sorrowful image venerated in the nearby Church of Santa María de Jesús. Its specific function has also been related to the American posas, in the sense of serving as a ritual stop during the development of Holy Week.

Visit the Plaza del Portichuelo.

The Chapel-Tribuna de la Virgen del Socorro or La Capilla del Portichuelo as it is more commonly known is located in the square of the same name from where you can see spectacular scenery with the mountains in the background. Built in the 16th century, it stands out for its arches and for the ceramic façade with geometric figures in a very colorful combination of colors.

Religious elements are mixed with elements of popular architecture. It is one of the emblematic constructions of this city. In this work, Mudejar style elements are intermingled with elements of Antequera’s culture, recalling in some small details the Mosque of Cordoba.

A key point in this city that you should not miss.


Address: Portichuelo Square, 14, Antequera, Malaga

Schedule: Open 24 hours.

Phone: 952702505 / 952708305