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Immaculate Triumph

The Triumph of the Immaculate of Antequera was contracted on October 4, 1697 between the sculptor Antonio del Castillo and the community of Capuchin fathers, to occupy the existing esplanade in front of his convent.

Discover the Immaculate Triumph.

This artist promised to make only the pedestal, since the sculpture of the Immaculate that had to finish it was already in the convent since 1681, the year in which it was brought by Father Francisco de Luque and placed on the main door The Triumph of Antequera is an important piece of Andalusian Baroque.

Its scheme is as follows: rectangular parallelepipeds superimposed with narrowing between them, and on them a column with Corinthian capital, base of curved profiles and finally the sculpture. The image of the Immaculate, in alabaster, is an anonymous work, but of great strength and movement; Its mantle in the wind acquires all its full meaning in this case to be placed outdoors and at high altitude.


Address: Capuchinos Square, Antequera, Malaga