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House of Serrailler

The Serrailler House of Antequera (1929), which is one of the last works of Aníbal González in neo-baroque style, is therefore inserted within the Sevillian focus.

Discover the House of the Serrailler.

Almost all the first half of the twentieth century supposes within the Sevillian architecture a constant search for the lost entity itself. Within this movement (which has been called “Architecture of Regionalism”), there is no doubt that the great figure, which reaches greater renown is that of Aníbal González.

Serrailler BIG

Towards the outside there is a large façade of clean brick, organized in five vertical axes and three floors in height decrease upwards. The central axis is occupied by the cover. Inside the building, the courtyard stands out, quintessence of the Sevillanism invented by the master: Corinthian columns of white marble, brick molding, Triana tiles, etc.


Address: Laguna Street, 3, Antequera, Málaga

Schedule: Monday to Friday: 9:00 – 14:00

Phone: 952 84 17 11