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Cruz Blanca Tribune Chapel

It was dedicated to the Virgen del Socorro and was used as a permanent vehicle for devotional dissemination and as a ritual stopping point in the Good Friday procession.

Visit the White Cross Tribune Chapel.

This monument is located in front of the bivio formed by Santa Clara and Lucena streets, at the maximum level of the urban complex of the White Cross. About its chronology we only know that in 1774 it was under construction, being most likely the work of the master builder Martín de Bogas. Stylistically it falls within a very late Baroque. We must not forget that it is a construction of popular type.

Cruz Blanca Tribune ChapelIts model is quite simple, presenting trapezoidal plant and two bodies with triple arcade in each of them. The decoration is also of the maximum simplicity, being limited on the ground floor to the fine drumsticks that draw the spandrels of the portico. On the upper floor, we find carpanel arches of padded thread.


Address: Cruz Blanca Street, Antequera, Málaga

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