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Convent of Santa Clara

The old convent of Santa Clara de la Paz was founded by the Franciscan Poor Clare nuns in 1603, although the works of the current church did not begin until 1633 according to a project by the architect Fernando de Oviedo.

Discover the convent of Santa Clara.

To this period corresponds the area of the high and low choirs and the so-called ‘Claustrillo de los jazmines’, within a mannerist style. The main chapel, added between 1735 and 1757 under the patronage of the Eslava Almazán family -then owners of the Palace of Nájera-, presents a rich program of baroque plasterwork in the pendentives of its dome.
On the outside, the seventeenth-century belfry, built by the master builder Juan Muñoz Barrientos, and the brick padded cover of the mid-eighteenth century that is attributed to the master builder Nicolás Mejías, author of the tower-viewpoint of the Museum of Antequera.
Santa clara GRANDE

The building, acquired by the City Council in 1997, is now the headquarters of the Santa Clara Cultural Center, after the very important rehabilitation and restoration works carried out by the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of the Junta de Andalucía.


Address: Santa Clara Street, 3, Antequera, Malaga

Phone: 952708134 / 35