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Church of Santa María de Jesús

This church, whose works began in 1527 and lasted until 1615, belonged in its foundation to a convent of the Third Franciscans and, since then until the present day, has undergone numerous reforms.

Discover the Church of Santa María de Jesús.

Of the church that we contemplate today, the most interesting part is the main chapel, dedicated to the Virgen del Socorro, whose dressing room (eighteenth century) is of great beauty, decorated with plasterwork of an unusual wealth. The rest of the church has some important sculptures, a good example of them is that of Jesus of Nazareth; and notable canvases such as those of Veronica and The Adoration of the Shepherds.

Santa Maria de Jesus GRANDE 1

When talking about this temple we must also mention the Royal and Illustrious Archconfraternity of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem and Our Lady of Help, owner and conservator of the entire building today. This Brotherhood has much of the ancient and rich heritage of processional belongings, many of which are worn on the night of Good Friday, and are exhibited in the Museum of the City. In October 2013, the improvement and restoration works of the roofs of the main chapel and the dressing room were completed.


Address: Plaza Portichuelo, 12, Antequera, Malaga

Schedule: Monday to Friday from 11:00–13:00

Phone: 952 70 25 05