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Butcher of the Moors

Traditionally, this construction has been known as “Butcher of the Moors”. Actually, what we can see today are the remains of some Baths, which undoubtedly belonged to a sumptuous Roman villa, located next to the course of the river of the Villa, and about two kilometers away from the old “municipium”.


Discover the Baths “Carnicería de los Moros”.

What is best preserved is the large pool of 53 meters on its largest side, whose retaining wall is decorated with fifteen niches that have an average height of 2.80 meters. These niches are all rectangular, and are covered with a half-barrel vault, with the exception of the one located in the center, which is semicircular and is covered with a quarter sphere.

Roman Baths

The construction is mortar. However, it may have originally covered everything with another type of material. It is also very curious the use, in the depths of the flat niches, of a very interesting type of rigging: it is the so-called “opus espicatum” or “fishbone”, which denotes a rather late date, possibly at the beginning of the S. IV.



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