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Arch of the Nazarene

Giving entrance to Calle Nueva we find this monumental arch consecrated to the image of Jesus Nazareno. The structure is topped by a niche where the canvas of the venerated image is housed, six lanterns and a flown balcony.

Discover the Arch of the Nazarene.

The original construction dates back to 1671, being demolished in 1959 due to the risk of collapse and reopened in 1963. Its reconstruction is due to the architect Francisco Pons-Sorolla y Arnau, grandson of the painter Joaquín Sorolla.

A popular legend accompanies the history of this unique construction, which was collected by the poet from Antequera Victorina Sáenz de Tejada in a romance entitled “The Nazarene of Nueva Street”. There was in the city a gentleman named Luis de Zayas, known for the crazy life he had followed in his youth, although he abandoned his bad habits by marrying. Attending one morning the church of the Incarnation he fell in love with a young woman who took the habit of a religious. From then on she thought of nothing other than getting the favors of the novice.

Some month later, obtaining the affection of the girl, on a stormy night he threw himself into the garden where he hoped to find his beloved. Not seeing her there, he ventured into the convent, finding her asleep in her cell. After waking the young woman, both went out into the hallway, she fell to her knees totally repentant before an image of Mary. The gentleman abandoned the young woman right there running hurriedly to the street, falling faint when she reached the entrance of Nueva Street.
At dawn he was found by some people who accompanied him to his house, confessing to his wife, to whom he told that he had seen the image of Jesus with the cross on his shoulders when he reached the corner of the street. As a sign of his repentance, he wanted to atone for his guilt with the foundation of an arch on which he would place, perpetually illuminated by six lights, the image of Jesus of Nazareth.


Address: San Sebastian Square, Antequera, Malaga