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Arch of the Giants

The Arch of the Giants located in Antequera (province of Malaga, Spain) is a construction made by municipal initiative in 1585 within the approaches of humanism, in order to replace a bend access of the Muslim fence wanting to evoke with its great semicircular span the triumphal arches of the classical world.

Discover the Arch of the Giants.

It was built in 1585. Its layout was due to the architect Francisco de Azurriola. This building has a double interest for the city, in its monumental aspect and historical significance. That is, to its value as an example of late-Renaissance architecture, we must add its importance as a sign of the city’s interest in legitimizing its Renaissance of that time, through the Roman vestiges on its soil. Therefore, once the wall of the Arch was raised, the Municipal Council decided to place all those statues and Latin tombstones that had appeared in the surrounding Roman cities.

BIG Arch

The Arch, which opens with a wall more than two meters thick, has a height of seven meters. Its crowning was more spectacular, since it had a large niche, flanked by two aletones, in which there was a huge statue of Hercules. The jar of lilies of the keystone, as well as the castle and the lion of the cornice, make up the shield of the city.



Address: Plaza de los Escribanos, Antequera, Malaga

Phone: 952 70 25 05