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Antequera – center of Andalusia. Kilometer 0

Antequera boasts of being the Center of Andalusia, centrality to which alludes the landmark placed in the Plaza de San Sebastián, to the millenary passage of the different civilizations through the ancient city. Torcal red column in which there is an inscription that deals with the centrality of Antequera throughout history, as evidenced by the passage through it of the “Via Domitiana Augusta” through which “Anticaria” (name of Antequera in Roman times) was the obligatory passage for the provinces of Hispania.

Discover the Kilometer Zero of Andalusia.

It has risen in the Plaza de San Sebastián, emblematic center of the city, formed by the whole of the Collegiate Church of the city, the Main Church of San Sebastián, the Renaissance fountain, the Mudejar tower crowned by El Angelote and the Arch of the Nazarene. Antequera symbolizes its geographical center, with a milestone that marks the centrality of Andalusian communications and that will be a claim of interest to visitors who pass through our city.


Address: C/ Encarnación, nº 4 Bajo Antequera, Málaga.

Phone: 952702505 / 952708305