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AFA Room

The Antequera Photographic Association (AFA) was founded in 1995 due to the need to achieve a worthy space for photography in the city of Antequera (Malaga), and with the aim of spreading photography in all its aspects, through courses, talks, gatherings and all activities that contribute something to photography.

Discover the AFA room.

At present, AFA is consolidated in Antequera as an association of reference in the local culture and society. For twenty-three years, a permanent program of photographic activities, and an alternative program – dedicated to collaboration with all kinds of associations – have kept our association alive, in permanent contact with photography at all levels. Our social mass oscillates over time between 90 and 110 members, who make up a heterogeneous group where all styles and photographic currents have a place, and where the exchange of information is the key for our members to find their photographic style and evolve in their personal work.

We have a head office in the center of the city which is the meeting point for our associates; it is open from Monday to Friday and it is the place for all photographic proposals, to which, to the extent of our possibilities, we try to respond. We also have our own exhibition hall, which has the privilege of being the first FIAP Exhibition Center in Spain, where we offer a program that allows us to host a minimum of ten exhibitions per year.


Address: C. Carreteros, 8, 29200 Antequera, Málaga

Phone: 657 75 22 54