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The Passion of Malaga

The MAD of Antequera hosts images and paintings in ‘Gouge and brush, the passion in Malaga’.

Discover the Passion in Malaga.

The exhibition, which will be open until April 30, features works related to Holy Week. Artists such as Asensio de la Cerda, Gutiérrez de León, Juan de Avalos, Palma García, Revello de Toro, Chicano, Hernández, Montiel or Berzosa are present in the exhibition El Cristo del Císter, by Álvarez Duarte, presides over one of the temporary rooms. The deputy of culture, Manuel Lopez, highlights “the historical and artistic value of the works of imagery and painting” of the sample.

Exhibition 1 Passion of Malaga

The exhibition, directed by Elías de Mateo and Eduardo Nieto, brings together 32 works of great historical and cultural value.

Also on display are the old processional images of the Nazareno de Viñeros, by Adrián Risueño; of Jesús del Prendimiento, by Pedro Pérez Hidalgo; of Jesús de los Pasos en el Monte Calvario, by Pío Mollar; of Jesús de la Pasión (anonymous from the 18th century); of the Virgen de la Soledad del Santo Traslado, from the 19th century, and of the Virgen de las Penas, by an anonymous 18th century author.

They are images that have gone out in procession at different times in the Holy Week of Malaga, especially in the post-war period. With its own evolution, the sculptural heritage of the brotherhoods has been renewed.

There are some unpublished works for the general public, such as the sketch in carved wood of the Virgin of Solitude, which Juan de Avalos made for the Congregation of Mena commissioned by the González Ramos family, and which now receives veneration in the convent of the Little Sisters of the Cross, in the Plaza de Arriola.

Exhibition 2 Passion of Malaga

The Christ of the Great Love and Hope, carved by the unforgettable Luis Álvarez Duarte, which is worshipped in the Cistercian chapel in Malaga, stands out in the exhibition. The deputy for Culture thanked the Bishopric and its artistic advisor, Gonzalo Otalecu, “for their kindness in temporarily lending us this impressive crucifix for this exhibition and allowing it to leave the Cistercian monastery”. New and accredited image makers from Malaga such as José María Ruiz Montes, Juan Vega and Alejandro López, the latter based in Seville, are present in ‘Gubia y pincel, la pasión en Málaga’, with works of special significance. For example, the first is the clay sketch of the Christ of Humility and Patience, which will be paraded for the first time next Palm Sunday.

Exhibit 3Exhibit 2 Passion of Málaga


Extraordinary plastic artists are represented in this collective: Félix Revello de Toro, Eugenio Chicano, Paco Hernández, Antonio Montiel, Raúl Berzosa, Leonardo Fernández, Virgilio Galán, Pepe Palma and Paco Calderón.

‘Gouge and Brush, passion in Malaga’ can be visited free of charge at the MAD of Antequera (Diego Ponce street, number 12) until April 30, from 10:00 to 14:00 hours and from 17:00 to 20:30 hours, from Tuesday to Sunday. It will be closed on Monday.


Address: C. Diego Ponce, nº 12, 29200 Antequera, Malaga

Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Monday closed.

Phone: 952069695