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Primavera Blue

Antequera will also sound Blues in spring with a series of concerts in reduced format in Cambayá.

Iñaki Moreno and The Blue Stompers, BB Granada, Beiztegui and The Hammond Lovers and Oso Benalúa will be the artists and groups that will perform at one of the temples of Blues in our city, the Cambayá Club, on Saturdays April 1st, 15th, 22nd and 29th respectively.

Primavera Blue Poster Presentation

The initiative aims to make visible the recognition of Antequera around the Blues beyond the development of the popular festival that takes place every year in late July. In fact, the idea now is to bring the Blues in a format more similar to the original one in which it was born in small bars and places, bringing its authenticity and even seeing the way in which music is made.


Address: Poligo Industrial La Azucarera, Antequera, Málaga

Schedule: 19:30

Phone: 674 045 173