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Lope on Wheels Theater Play

Lope on wheels is a play designed to bring Lope de Vega’s poetry to children in a fun and magical way. Some texts are in verse, but others are in prose and are told with the techniques of the art of oral narration. Our objective is that the youngest children have their first contact with some writings of the Spanish Golden Age.

Enjoy the theatrical play Lope Sobre Ruedas (Lope on Wheels).

In “Lope on wheels” the traditional Japanese form of the Kamishibai or “little wooden theater” is recovered: in Japan it was usually placed on the back of a bicycle so that the storyteller could change location without difficulty. The storyteller Gisela Llimona arrives with her Kamishibai to tell “La Dama Boba” and “Gatomaquia”, recite some of her verses and play with the letters, as Lope did.

In the performance Gisela Llimona has a set of objects that help her during her oral narration. In addition to the bicycle, a magic pitcher, books, illustrations by the artists Josefina Wolf and María Girón, letters, magnets and a stage with sheets of paper displayed in a little wooden theater called “The Bicycle” appear on stage. butai and employed in the kamishibaia traditional Japanese form of storytelling born in the 12th century.

According to Georgina de Yebra, “we have arranged a little theater in a way that allows us to play with magnetized letters and discover how Lope de Vega recreated himself with words. Perhaps the most important thing is a magic pitcher that Lope gave to Gisela Llimona which, during the performance, is filled with favorite words and serves to tell the stories and recite the verses.

Books that turn into mice and storms or that hide the author’s favorite word are also used, but they can also be used to play and create a garden or write a word. In short, in addition to being read, the book comes on stage as an object”.

A fun and magical way to bring children closer to the literature of the Spanish Golden Age. Full trailer here.

Creation and dramaturgy: Georgina de Yebra

Director: Mireia Fernández

Coproduction: National Classical Theater Company and Georgina de Yebra



Address: Av. de Blas Infante, 2A, 29230 Antequera, Malaga

Schedule: 20:00 h