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Antequera Light Fest – ALF 2023

Vibrant, exciting, rhythmic, colorful, passionate, expressive, dynamic, captivating, …..

July 14 and 15

All about Antequera Light Fest.

  • Dancing With The Star. City Hall courtyard. The duration of the light installation will be uninterrupted, with performances every 30 minutes by the cast of dancers.
  • Studio 54. Plaza del Coso Viejo. The Plaza del Coso Viejo is filled with spectacular light, lasers and psychedelics, balls, mirrors …, an ideal light scenery to recall the dances of an entire era, to dance wildly to the greatest hits that never go out of fashion.
  • Zumba Party. Plaza de San Luis. The contagious rhythm and motivation of the monitors will provide a great participatory show of rhythm, dance and sport, full of light and color, enhanced with the incorporation of black light, which will make everyone’s costumes a luminescent complement to an unforgettable show.
  • A World That Dances. 3D Videomapping. Plaza de San Sebastián. Passes every 30 minutes. A journey through the main dances of the world, showing that music and dance break down borders and are the true heritage of all those who feel that music fills their souls and gives rhythm and the desire to dance to their bodies.
  • Flemish sparkles. Santa Clara Cultural Center. Passes every 30 minutes. The light draws a visual and symbolic connection between the dancer and her art. The projection and videomapping effects on a large-format panoramic screen make up an avant-garde show that connects the essence of flamenco with the latest audiovisual recreation techniques.

See you soon!


Address: Several locations: Patio del Ayuntamiento, Plaza del Coso Viejo, Plaza de San Luis, Plaza de San Sebastián and Centro Cultural Santa Clara.

Schedule: 22:00 - 01:00 h