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Antequera Holy Week Itinerary

If you have this Guide in your hands, it means that you have the intention to see or to be interested in the Holy Week of Antequera. Welcome to this millenary land, historical passage of people, trades and traditions in the heart of Andalusia.

Get ready to experience a unique Holy Week in which it seems that the passage of time has not passed through it, respecting and combining experiences, vestments and thrones inlcenarios inlcenarios.


Get ready to run the Vega, to be flooded with popular devotion around some sacred images that climb high slopes to the top of the city also continuing the tradition of blessing the fields, the fertile Vega.

All this, in an incomparable city, also known as the City of Churches due to the existence of numerous temples that are today reminiscent of the passage of countless religious orders that found here the ideal place to settle, a legacy inherited today through our brotherhoods and processional processions.

Download the ITINERARY HERE .


Address: C. San Salvador, 2, 29200 Antequera, Malaga