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Kattegat Airsoft

Kattegat Airsoft is a non-profit association that promotes the sport. Airsoft is a unique team game in which replicas of firearms, simulating the real thing. Those who are passionate about this discipline seek, in addition to experiencing strong emotions with the setting of the game, to enjoy an outdoor activity in which to enhance camaraderie, reflexes and the improvement of physical condition.

Jose Maria Gonzalez Palacios
Instagram: kattegat_airsoft
TikTok: kattegat_airsoft

Location: Disseminated Poligono 236, 53, 29200, 29200 Antequera, Málaga

Requirements to play: Be an associate

Minimum age: 16 years old


Address: Disseminated Polygon 236, 53, 29200, 29200 Antequera, Málaga

Phone: 692547858