ruta de antequera

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  1. La Quinta. From this viewpoint, located in one of the new neighbourhood of Antequera, you will enjoy the sight of the wonderful, wide and fertile Vega (lowland) through which the Gualdahorce River flows providing the town with its main source of wealth: cereals and plenty of olive oil. All of that under the distinctive profile of the Peña de los Enamorados (Lovers’ Rock).
  2. De la Veracruz Chapel. Named after the neighbourhood where it is placed, this temple crowns one of the highest parts of the town. From there, you will enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the whole town, of the monumental Alcazaba (Arab Citadel), Santa María Royal Collegiate, the unique El Torcal Natural Landscape and, if you turn around, you will face the amazing profile of the Peña de los Enamorados protecting the fertile Vega.
  3. Jardines del Corazón de Jesús (Jesus’s Heart Gardens). This is a green area located next to the bus station where you will find a monumental sculpture by Paco de Palma, from Málaga and will enjoy the spectacular views of the rich Vega always dominated by the Peña de los Enamorados. The Bullring is just down the road.
  4. Jardines del Rey (The King’s Gardens). Another one of our main green areas is at the foot of the Puerta de Granada (Granada’s Gate). In 1998, the King Juan Carlos I inaugurated these gardens and from there the name. From this viewpoint, you can appreciate one of the most beautiful sights of the high town: the monumental Alcazaba, Santa María La Mayor Royal Collegiate and the El Carmen Church, all surrounded by an exceptional perspective of the El Torcal Natural Landscape.
  5. Atalaya-Gandía Park. In this newly built park located on the outskirts of the town there is a special area for children and a magnificent viewpoint placed in the highest point from where visitors can admire a wonderful perspective of our well-known El Torcal Natural Landscape, besides admiring the striking view of the Alcazaba backed by the profile of the Peña de los Enamorados.
  6. Mirador Almenillas. From this space known as the “Little crenels viewpoint”, you will be facing away the Arco de los Gigantes (Giants’ Arch), the Alcazaba and the Santa María Royal Collegiate while facing towards the open space of one of the most emblematic panoramic view of the town. You will admire the many churches, towers, bell towers and palaces built during more than four centuries, besides enjoying one of the most striking views of the Peña de los Enamorados.
  7. Patio de Armas de la Alcazaba (Alcazaba’s Parade Ground). It is a large rectangular space inside the Alcazaba Monumental Enclosure which was originally aimed to the quartering of the troops. A privileged place to take wonderful pictures of the Torre Blanca (White Tower) and of the Torre del Homenaje (Homage Tower) while gazing at Santa María la Mayor Royal Collegiate and at a different perspective of the La Peña de los Enamorados.
  8. Plaza de Santa María. In front of Santa María La Mayor Royal Collegiate you will find this square with two entries: one of them by the stairs of the Colegio street and the other one by going through the Arco de los Gigantes and the Plaza de los Escribanos (The Scribes’ square). In the middle of the plaza there is the sculpture of Pedro Espinosa, by José Manuel Patricio Toro, from Antequera. It is also very interesting the view of the Santa María Roman Thermal Baths, that of the La Villa River and the lateral side of El Carmen Church. As it could not be otherwise, the always present profile of La Peña de los Enamorados is also there.
  9. Calle Jesús (Jesus street). This is a space set up so that the people from Antequera and visitors can enjoy one of the most striking views of the Alcazaba in the foreground crowned by the profile of the La Peña de los Enamorados just behind. When turning back this magnificent view you will be amazed by a new perspective sight of our karst landscape, the El Torcal of Antequera.
  10. Calle Niña de Antequera. In the Girl of Antequera Street you will find the viewpoint with the same name which was built at the beginning of this century. It is placed in the vicinity of the Puerta de Málaga (Málaga Gate) and very close to the San Juan Church where you will find one of the images most venerated by the Antequera people as it is the Patron Saint: the Lord of the Health and of the Waters. From this spacious viewpoint, in two levels, visitors can make out the La Villa River, which supplies water to our town, besides a perspective view of the El Carmen Church, of the La Peña de los Enamorados and of the already mentioned Puerta de Málaga.
  11. El Carmen Church. This National Monument church is in the square named after it, in the highest part of the town. Its main altarpiece is considered as one of the most interesting ones of the Andalusian Baroque style of the 18th century due to its beauty and significance. From this square, you will enjoy the wonderful views of the La Villa River, the Alcazaba and of the Santa María La Mayor Royal Collegiate. If you turn your back at these great views of the town, your will face once more the incomparable profile of the La Peña de los Enamorados besides a different perspective of the town as a whole.